Tattoo Removal Creams – They Don’t Work

If you’ve been looking to remove an unwanted tattoo, you’ve probably come across an ad for a tattoo removal cream. These products are advertised as “miracle cures” for anybody with unwanted ink. Unfortunately, they don’t work.

Why do people think that tattoo removal creams work?

Well, they don’t… They believe the marketing out there that the cream will effectively remove their tattoo. And they trust it.

It’s a matter of education. Your average person does not base their whole life around tattoo removal, like we do. They haven’t done the research. They haven’t consulted the academic texts. They haven’t looked into clinical studies.

And so they simply search on Google for the easiest and cheapest option to get their tattoo removed. They know that laser tattoo removal exists, but they’re also aware of how expensive and painful it can be.

They find out that tattoo removal creams exist and they decide to give them a try (not knowing that they are 100% ineffective).

People are especially inclined to try tattoo removal creams for a couple of reasons.

Tattoo removal creams are incredibly cheap compared to getting laser tattoo removal.

They are afraid of the pain of laser tattoo removal and think that simply applying a cream will be much less painful.

They think that it’s a realistic option. When they search online there are a handful of tattoo removal cream brands, so they automatically assume that it must work.

Why don’t tattoo removal creams work? (From a scientific perspective)

The tattoo ink is located deep within your skin.

It makes sense since tattoos are permanent. The ink has to be placed deep within the skin so that regular activities, like washing your skin or sun exposure, don’t fade or remove the tattoo.

Tattoo removal creams do not work because the cream cannot make its way deep enough in your skin to reach, and influence, the ink particles. The ink is just too deep in your skin…

How do tattoo removal creams “work”?

According to this site, tattoo removal creams “work” by attempting to use chemicals that will get your skin to essentially die, peel, and then produce new skin.

These chemicals, especially bleaching chemicals, are supposed to “lighten” tattoos over time.

But based on the evidence, tattoo removal creams do not effectively work to lighten tattoos, let alone remove a tattoo completely.

What ingredients do tattoo removal creams use?

Most tattoo removal creams claim that they use bleaching ingredients and other chemicals that pull unwanted ink from your body. While they might appear to work to some extent, tattoo ink rests too far below the surface of your skin to be completely removed by a topical cream. At the most, all you’ll get is a slightly faded tattoo that won’t look any different from the fading that will happen naturally over time.

Trichloroacetic acid

This chemical is designed to get your skin to peel. The goal is that your skin will peel and fresh, new skin will replace the older skin. And with new skin, the tattoo may fade.

The dangerous thing about this chemical is that it has been known to cause terrible blistering, intense burns, skin irritation, and more.


This chemical is designed to lighten the pigmentation of your skin. Essentially it’s designed to discolor your skin.
It’s funny because none of these chemicals are designed to ACTUALLY target the tattoo removal ink.

While this chemical does not work, if it WERE to work, the only thing that would happen is that the skin where your tattoo once was would be highly discolored, leaving a huge blotch of weird skin where the tattoo once was.

On top of that, this chemical also has dangerous side-effects.

What side effects do tattoo removal creams have?

To make matters worse, many tattoo removal creams can have unwanted side effects such as scarring, permanent skin texture changes, and even chemical burns. Some creams even instruct you to abrade your skin beforehand with a rough sandpaper-like substance, which can make these side effects worse. In other words, there is no miracle cream that will completely remove an unwanted tattoo, no matter how it may be advertised or what kind of ingredients it might have.

A Final Argument

To put things simply, the FDA has approved laser tattoo removal. They believe in its effectiveness and know that it’s a safe option.
The FDA has NOT approved any tattoo removal cream on the market.

Be safe and choose the right option. It’s not worth saving a little bit of money to potentially burn or negatively impact your skin for the rest of your life.

Click the link to see photos proving that laser tattoo removal works.

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