Does tattoo removal work?

Yes, laser tattoo removal works!

Laser tattoo removal has been proven to us.

Don’t listen to what we have to say. Don’t trust us when we say that laser tattoo removal is highly effective.

Listen to what science has to say about the effectiveness of q-switched laser tattoo removal!

In this article, we’ll be sharing the scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of laser tattoo removal.

How effective is q-switched laser tattoo removal?

Like we said above, don’t listen to us.

We’re going to share just a couple of the pieces of scientific evidence out there.

Scientific American

“In most cases laser treatments can remove up to 90 to 95 percent of a tattoo.”

Nazanin Saedi, MDJared Jagdeo, MD, MS

“Quality-switched (Q-switched, QS) lasers are the standard of care for tattoo removal based upon demonstrated efficacy and safety and an extensive history of use for this indication. QS laser treatment can result in good cosmetic outcomes and complete or near-complete removal of many unwanted tattoos.”

Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery

They say that:

“Tattoos can be effectively treated by QS ruby, QS Nd:YAG” (the QS ruby, QS nd:YAG are types of lasers).

As you can see, the science confirms it

Based on the scientific evidence presented above, you can trust that laser tattoo removal is not only the most effective, safe, and proven form of tattoo removal technology, but that it actually works.

Laserless tattoo removal – it doesn’t exist

We want to make something clear.

There are other forms of “tattoo removal” out there.

There is surgical removal, dermabrasion, tattoo removal creams, and more.

But these strategies do NOT work. They also are likely to leave terrible scars, blisters, and more.

Can laser tattoo removal cause cancer?

There are some people that are worried that, although laser tattoo removal works, the lasers can cause cancer.

There is no evidence that laser tattoo removal can cause cancer.

Are newer tattoos easier to remove?

No, newer tattoos (compared to older ones) are often harder to remove. Tattoos that are already faded usually require fewer treatments.

To learn how long it’ll take to remove your tattoo, as well as get an estimate on the cost, you can visit our Austin, Texas tattoo removal clinic for a free consultation.