How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

How does laser tattoo removal work?

Laser tattoo removal seems like a miracle. How can a laser removal a permanent tattoo?

The technology that has been developed, especially with Q-Switched lasers, allows tattoo removal clinics to effectively and safely remove tattoos at an affordable price.

Highly effective Q-Switched lasers do the work

In the most simple terms, here is how q-switched lasers work to remove tattoos.

The ink underneath your skin (dermis) is in a semi-solid state. We know it’s weird to think about, but the ink has some viscosity in order to move with your body. It’s not completely solid.

Also, think about the ink underneath your skin as a huge boulder.

This analogy will make sense in a minute.

Your tattoo is removed by the laser breaking down the boulder into smaller pieces.

Over time, the large boulder will be broken down into rocks, then pebbles, and then dust.

Once the ink particles are small enough, your body can flush them out.

This sounds like a painful process, but it’s really not!

You can learn more about the pain of tattoo removal here.

Does tattoo removal really work?

Yes, laser tattoo removal really works!

Scientific studies, like this one, back up this claim too.

Not only that, but we have dozens of before and after laser tattoo removal pictures to prove it!

Will I have tattoo removal scars, though?

No, you won’t.

We have the best laser tattoo removal technology out there with our q-switched lasers. Not only that, but we have the highest trained staff with all necessary qualifications and certifications.

With all precautions taken, you will not experience scarring.

There may be temporary side effects, but those will fade.

This has GOT to hurt…

While some find tattoo removal painful, others don’t.

This article lays out more details on how people describe the pain.

Tattoo removal creams… Can I use them?

Tattoo removal creams do NOT work, so you should not use them.

But it gets worse…

The FDA has warned people against using tattoo removal creams. They have burned, scarred, and severely damaged people’s skins (without removing the unwanted tattoo).

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