How effective is tattoo removal?

Can tattoos be removed completely?

The short answer, yes.

That would be a very, very boring article if we stopped writing after sharing the 4 words above.

Plus, you may not trust us.

In this article, we’ll lay out why laser tattoo removal is effective and compare it to the other tattoo removal options out there.

Permanent tattoo removal – it exists

Laser tattoo removal, using q-switched lasers, is the only proven, FDA-approved, safe, effective, and efficient option when removing your tattoo.

Here are some legitimate, scientific sources that back up what we have to say:

On the FDA’s website, it says that “An effective and safe way to remove tattoos is through laser surgery, performed by a dermatologist who specializes in tattoo removal, says FDA’s Mehmet Kosoglu, Ph.D., who reviews applications for marketing clearances of laser-devices.”

WebMD, another very reputable site, says that “Laser tattoo removal techniques can get rid of your unwanted tattoo with minimal side effects.”

So laser tattoo removal is effective, huh?

Yep, it works. As you see from the science above, it’s proven to work.

You can also take a look at our before-and-after pictures (or any before-and-after pictures from any reputable laser tattoo removal clinic that uses q-switched lasers and has a highly trained staff) that it works.

Aren’t there other ways to remove tattoos?

There are other techniques that people try to use to remove tattoos. But those strategies are not only ineffective, they’re potentially dangerous, can cause scarring, or severely damage your skin. And again, they don’t remove your tattoos.

You’ve probably heard of tattoo removal creams, dermabrasion, excision, burning, and more.

Permanent tattoo removal cream – it doesn’t exist

Tattoo removal creams don’t work.

The FDA doesn’t approve of them, and they even warn people against them.

People have been severely burned and injured from using tattoo removal creams.

How to removal tattoo without laser – it doesn’t exist

As we mentioned above, there are strategies like dermabrasion, excision, and more. These strategies do not work in removing your tattoos. They also are highly likely to leave massive scars, warped skin, and serious injuries.

Laser Tattoo Removal, Using a Q-Switched Laser, Is The Only Safe Option

We’re not just saying this because we are a tattoo removal clinic.

We’re saying this because we care about your health and well-being.

We’ve seen too many people come into our clinic that have tried all the at-home remedies and REALLY regretted it. They have damaged, scarred skin that will never look the same.

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