How many sessions to remove a tattoo?


How many treatments to remove my tattoo?

People really, really want to know the answer to this question.

It makes sense because when they ask this question, they want to know a couple of different things:

They want to know how long the whole process will take.

They want to know how much laser tattoo removal will cost (since the number of treatments influences cost).

In this article, we’ll do our best to explain how many sessions tattoo removal takes.

What’s the average number of treatments it takes to remove a tattoo?

On average, laser tattoo removal takes between 5-10 sessions.

We know, this is a very broad answer, but it’s the best we can do.

The answer is not straightforward because laser tattoo removal depends on many different factors, like:

The health of the person influences how long laser tattoo removal takes

Let’s say that two people got matching tattoos 20 years ago.

And let’s say that one of them is now 60 years old while the other person is 40 years old.

Let’s also assume that the 60-year old is 80 pounds overweight, never works out, eats junk food, smokes cigarettes, and is under a lot of stress at work.

Next, let’s assume that the 40-year old is really healthy. They look like they’re 30, they exercise 4 days a week, the meditate to reduce stress, and they take care of their body.

If we had to put money on which person’s tattoo would be removed quicker, we’d put money on the healthier person. We’ve been in the industry for a while, so we’ve seen it all!

The type of ink used

Tattoo ink is not regulated. Some tattoo ink can be dangerous to your health.

But, with that being said, not all tattoo ink is the same. Therefore, not all tattoo ink is removed at the same speed.

The age of the tattoo

Tattoos are “foreign invaders” to your body. Your body is constantly trying to flush the tattoo ink out of your body. That’s why 50-year-old tattoos are faded – your body has had time to slowly rid itself of the foreign ink.

Newer tattoos take longer to remove. The ink is fresh. Your body hasn’t had time to get rid of the ink. Older tattoos, on average, take shorter times to remove.

Laser tattoo removal after 3 sessions

It’s strange. We get this question a lot. People want to know what their tattoo will look like after three treatments.

Your tattoo, based on the average time it takes to remove a tattoo, will look faded. It’ll start to lighten up and it’ll look like you’re in the process of removing it.

Are there tattoos that cannot be removed?

This is a hard question to answer. The answer is yes, though.

Most tattoos can be completely removed. But we aren’t naive – we know that there are select cases where the tattoo cannot be completely removed.

If someone is extra sick, isn’t healthy, has an infected tattoo, or some other outlying circumstance, then there’s a chance that their tattoo cannot be removed.

But, for the most part, tattoos can be completely removed.

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