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Low Tattoo Removal Cost Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Austin TexasMost people do expect a little pain when getting a tattoo. However, there might be a few other consequences from the tattoo ink that a little unexpected. There are a few studies that show 10-percent of the people who get tattoos have had some form of adverse reaction like swelling, itching, and even healing delays. Still, 6-percent more people have had a chronic reaction to the ink that has lasted four months or longer.

These reactions are usually unpredictable. However, just a bit of knowledge can go far to help prevent some of the uncomfortable or serious consequences as a result of getting inked. Here is what you need to know and here is some additional information from the folks at WebMD about whether tattoos are safe.


Skin Conditions

Tattoo Removal Methods Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic Austin TexasBelieve it or not, your skin could mess up the tattoo. Those with a skin disorder like eczema or psoriasis can cause problems with tattoos. These people are at a higher risk of something call Koebnar phenomenon, which can cause more trauma or psoriasis to the skin. It is unformattable, but it can also compromise the appearance of the tattoo through scaly lesions, sometimes for quite some time.

Those with eczema have incredibly sensitive skin which can react adversely to something traumatic like a tattoo. It might even prompt an allergic reaction to the actual tattoo. If you suffer from either of these, it is best to speak with your tattoo artist before getting started.


Those getting a tattoo should consider the medications they are taking since they can affect the procedure. Since tattooing can increase the risk of infection, those who already have a vulnerable immune system should be cautious and aware before getting a tattoo. The people who are on immunosuppressive drugs, like the ones of various diseases like lupus or cancer, should be especially cautious.

If you take blood thinners, you might want to speak with your doctor before getting a tattoo. Blood thinners work to affect the way your body clots blood, which might impair the healing of the tattoo and cause scarring. Waiting until you are done with treatments for at least six months is ideal before going to your local artist.

Sun Sensitivity

After you get your tattoo, you need to be especially careful in the sun. The freshly tattooed skin is sun sensitive, and UV light might react adversely with the ink in the tattoo to create an extra painful sunburn. It doesn’t matter what color the ink is, but it is more likely to happen if your tattoo is done in red or yellow ink. You can learn more about tattoo inks from another article we wrote here:

A good rule of thumb is to choose a tattoo that is located in a rarely exposed area of the body. Likewise, you can assess how you will protect your tattoo with sunblock while you are outdoors. Tattoos on your back are going to be difficult to protect by yourself. If you are an area of the skin that has many moles, you might want to avoid tattooing this area since it can be difficult to see any symptoms of potential skin cancer.

Sterilization & The Tattooing Process

If your tattoo artist doesn’t open up the needle package right in front of you, you need to run quickly and never come back. Almost everything in the shop should be a single use product, especially if it is going to be touching your skin. If a needle is dirty, it can easily transmit very serious infections like HIV or hepatitis.

The best way to feel comfortable in the parlor is by asking lots of questions. The best question to ask is how they clean their reusable tools. If a shop is reputable, they will be cleaning with something called an autoclave sterilizer, which uses a combination of pressure, steam, and heat to eliminate any debris. The artist should always wear protective gloves and should change them anytime they touch anything but your skin.

Medical Procedure

Laser Tattoo Removal in Progress Austin TexasYou would never show up to your medical or dental procedure drunk. You shouldn’t come to your tattoo appointment that way either. Alcohol can affect the healing of the tattoo, and since it acts as a blood thinner, it can make you bleed more. You might be unable to sit still as well.

As few as just two drinks can affect the way your blood clumps together to clot. Tattoo artists everywhere recommend that customers stay well-hydrated, get enough sleep, and eat something at least an hour before their appointment. This will help you stay calm, and it will essentially aid in the process of healing.


Don’t Shave

As much as you might want to, if you plan to get a tattoo in an area that has hair, it is best not to shave before your appointment. You might end up tearing your skin, which would increase the risk of infection or other serious problems. Most tattoo artists will use an electric razor to remove the hair without ripping the skin.

After Care

You should always ask for care instructions before your artists begin the tattoo. You can make sure that you have everything you need like lotion or antibacterial ointment ahead of time. When you follow the after-care instructions given by your artist, you will be making sure that your tattoo is healing correctly.

Laser Tattoo Removal As Option For Removing Unwanted Tattoos

Often times clients of ours regret getting some of their ink whether it be for military, parenting, employment or who knows what reason. It really doesn’t matter, at Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal we’re here to help with all your removal needs and desires. We believe that everyone deserves a “Fresh Start” and no tattoo or mistake is permanent.



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