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Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap, But Great Tattoo Removal Can Be Affordable

Whether you’re looking to remove a bad tattoo, art that no longer represents who you are, or make room for new art, Fresh Start Tattoo Removal is ready to make that a reality. We prioritize your comfort and safety while providing quicker results and fewer required treatments with our advanced laser technology.

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    • Size of a Hand
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    • Size of a Both Hands


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How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Tattoo ink deeply penetrates the skin.

Your tattoo artist uses a tattoo machine to inject ink into the dermis, the deepest layer of your skin. Adding the large ink particles far down into the skin is what makes it permanent.

The laser breaks up the ink.

Large tattoo ink particles shatter into smaller particles using the light energy from lasers. Targeting specific ink colors requires different light wavelengths from different lasers.
Depending on the tattoo color and the light wavelength being used, the ink will absorb or reflect the laser.

When it absorbs the light, the laser rapidly heats one side of the particular, causing it to break up into smaller fragments.

Your body’s immune system naturally flushes the ink.

Your immune system, specifically white blood cells, naturally identify foreign substances in your body and work to eliminate them. Shattering the ink particles makes them small enough for white blood cells to carry out of the body, speeding up the tattoo’s fading process.

A series of laser treatments will make the ink particles more and more manageable for your immune system to flush overtime. The tattoo will fade until the ink is no longer visible in the skin.