The Fresh Start Laser Clinic Scholarship Program

  • How – Compose a Complete Essay
  • When – Each Semester
  • What – $500.00


One of the biggest choices young adults must select is whether or not they must continue working while pursuing and education.


If most college students had a choice of learning full-time to attain a degree and enter the workforce faster versus working and attending classes, we are sure the former would be the best choice.  We wish to offer this opportunity to you.

Can you take out more student loans to pay for books, tuition and food?  Of course you can but why burden yourself needlessly?

Many new college students are not fortunate enough to receive scholarships and grants and dig a deeper debt hole than is beneficial to starting out in a career driven life.  We wish to provide you with some relief to further focus on your studies or enjoy more social aspects of college life.

This is why we are proud to announce the Fresh Start free scholarship that is open to 1 fortunate student enrolled full-time in college courses for every semester in 2018-2019.

The Fresh Start $500 personal scholarship can be used for any individual enrolled full time at any USA university.  It may be used any way you see fit to better your time learning and reduce your financial load.


Here’s what you need to know before you apply:

  • Who may apply? – Any registered college student attending full-time classes.
  • How will you apply? – Submit a one-page essay on what you plan on doing after you graduate from college.
  • Deadline – This is a 3 times yearly scholarship, each semester the champions will be chosen on December 3rd, March 3rd and September 3rd of each year. If you are interested in this scholarship, please make sure your application is received at least 33 days before our deadline.

Interested in applying for our scholarship?  Simply email your essay to with your name, college schedule, major, and the graduation year you are pursuing as well as your contact details.

The scholarship winners are to be notified by September 13th, December 13th and March 13th each year and need not be entering the medical, health/beauty(laser tattoo removal) industries.  This is open for all students.