Tattoo Removal Cost and Prices

Tattoo Removal Prices & Treatment Costs

You Can Afford


With single treatment prices starting at only $99, the cost to make your ink invisible is one less thing to worry about. Our goal is to safely remove your tattoo in as few sessions as possible at a price you can afford.

Unlike many of our competitors whose prices are designated per square inch, we believe tattoo removal cost should be easy to understand. This is why Fresh Start uses a general size category to determine laser tattoo removal cost.

At your free consultation, we will assess your tattoo and categorize its size. For multiple tattoos or very large tattoos, we will work with you to find a discounted custom price that fits into your laser tattoo removal budget.

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single treatment

tattoo removal pricing


Our simple pricing structure is based a general size category of the tattoo being treated. Ask us about our Guaranteed Lowest Price.

  • XS
    • Size of a Postage Stamp
  • Small
    • Size of a Business Card
  • Medium
    • Size of a Hand
  • Large
    • Size of a Both Hands

Tattoo Removal

Treatment Packages

Save more when you buy a tattoo removal treatment package!

10% Off

3 Treatment Package

15% Off

5 Treatment Package

20% Off

7 Treatment Package

25% Off

10 Treatment Package

We Have Financing!


Our mission is to ensure that the cost of tattoo removal is affordable for everyone who needs laser tattoo removal. Call Tattoo Removal Austin at (512) 249-0000 or Tattoo Removal San Antonio at (210) 455-0187 to learn about our flexible financing options.

How Many Sessions Does It Take To Remove A Tattoo?


Some tattoos take longer than others to remove. For small, faded tattoos, you may only need two treatments. For larger, fresher tattoos, you may need more than ten treatments. Other clinics charge by the square inch for laser tattoo removal, we have a different model. If you were to go to another clinic, you wouldn’t know the final cost up front. It would depend on the number of treatments. And some clinics purposefully underestimate the number of treatments knowing that the lower cost will entice you. Then, after needing an additional 2 or 3 treatments, the cost ends up being hundreds of dollars more.

Is Tattoo Removal Worth It?


We have NEVER had a patient who thought that laser tattoo removal wasn’t worth it. Every single one of our patients are happy that they invested in themselves and their future to remove their tattoo. For many of our patients, tattoo removal inhibits their careers. And after getting their tattoo removed they are able to pursue their careers without the burden of their tattoo. For others patients, their tattoo has had a negative emotional impact on their life. Whether gang related, the name of an ex-partner, or a regret of theirs, they feel a sense of relief after getting their tattoo removed. You can take a look at our laser tattoo removal before and after pictures to see just how effective our process is. You’ll see exactly why it’s worth it.

Do Ink Colors or Location Determine Price?


Nope, our pricing model is simple. It’s all about the size of your tattoo. It doesn’t matter if your tattoo is on your back, neck, ankle, or wrist. It doesn’t matter if your tattoo is white ink, black ink, or red ink. Our simple pricing model ensures a fair price for tattoo removal.

PicoSure Tattoo Removal Cost


We do NOT use a PicoSure tattoo removal laser. These lasers are:

  1. Not as effective as Q-Switched lasers based on the science out there.
  2. More dangerous than Q-Switched lasers – they’re more likely to cause scarring, burns, and long-term negative effects.

Because of this, we do NOT use a PicoSure laser. We use the “gold standard” Q-Switched laser that has been proven to be highly effective and safe in laser tattoo removal (not to mention affordable).

Cheap Tattoo Removal – Does It Exist?


Our pricing of tattoo removal is going to be the most affordable that you’re going to find. Laser tattoo removal can take a lot of sessions to completely remove your ink. Removing a tattoo is MUCH more difficult than getting one. The ink sits deep within your skin and therefore requires high-quality technology, combined with time and patience, to effectively and safely remove your tattoo. The fact that we have this technology at all is a miracle (let alone how affordable it is)!