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As shown by the pictures above, laser tattoo removal really works.

We didn’t add any laser tattoo removal pictures after 1 treatment because tattoo removal takes time. Unless your tattoo is very, very small and faded, then it’ll take more than 1 treatment to fully remove your tattoo.

Can Tattoos Be Completely Removed?

Yes, tattoos can be 100% removed by using effective laser tattoo removal.

You can see evidence of this from the images above.

There’s something you need to know though:

Not EVERY single tattoo is guaranteed to be completely removed. Everybody’s tattoos are different. Everyone’s body is different. And the healing process is different from person to person.

So while we will always do our best to completely remove your tattoo(s), there are elements that are out of our control.

Sleeve Tattoo Removal Before and After

If you look at the images above, you’ll see a couple of sleeve tattoos that were effectively removed using laser tattoo removal technology.

Most people will full sleeves (or half sleeves for that matter) are nervous that the tattoos won’t be fully removed and will leave strange scars or remnants of the tattoo.

That’s not the case.

Don’t just trust what we’re saying. Take a look at the images above!

Picosure Tattoo Removal Before and After

Here’s the thing:

Picosure lasers have been shown to be dangerous. They’re more susceptible to cause scarring and skin damage.

They are also less effective than q-switched lasers. 

That’s why we use q-switched lasers – they’re more effective than Picosure lasers (and safer).

So, all the images that you see above are from a q-switched laser, NOT a picosure laser.

Tattoo Removal Cream Before and After

We don’t have any tattoo removal cream before and after pictures. Tattoo removal creams don’t work. And not only are they ineffective, but they’re actually quite dangerous. People have been severely burned and injured from tattoo removal creams. On top of that, there has been zero evidence of tattoo removal creams working. They’re scams.

Laser tattoo removal is the only proven, effective, and safe way to remove your tattoo.

Why Can Some Tattoos Be 100% Removed While Others Can’t

Tattoo removal depends on each person’s body, where the tattoo is located, and the quality of the ink.

Where the tattoo is located

Areas with high blood circulation, like the neck and chest, usually have higher rates of complete tattoo removal.

Areas like the feet and hands have lower levels of circulation, which means that removing tattoos from these areas may take a little longer.

The person’s health

How effective, and how quickly a tattoo is removed, is dependent on the person’s immune system.

If someone smokes a pack of cigarettes each day, never goes to the gym, and is 50 pounds overweight, then their tattoo may take longer to remove than someone who is healthy.

The quality of the ink

Tattoo ink is NOT regulated. Because of that, there can be some pretty nasty ingredients in your tattoo.

And since not all ink is the same, some types of ink may take longer to remove than others.

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