Fresh Start Laser Clinic is an AustinSan Antonio tattoo removal clinic that offers affordable laser tattoo removal services to erase the regret of tattoos.

Tattoo Removal Videos

Our tattoo removal process videos show you exactly how things work. By watching these videos, you’ll be educated and informed about how the laser technology works, how long each treatment takes, and the “pain” experienced by our patients.

If you want to learn more of the details of how tattoo removal works, then you can also do that.

Tattoo Removal Video Before and After

We have plenty of before and after tattoo removal videos. These videos take you through our patient’s entire tattoo removal process. You’ll see the progression of the fading process from each video.

See Laser Removal Videos on Different Areas of the Body

If you have a tattoo on your neck that you’d like removed, then you can scroll through our tattoo video library to check out videos related to your specific situation.

We have videos for basically every area of the body that you can imagine. These videos include a wide variety of tattoos as well – colored tattoos on men, black and white ink tattoos on women…

Our Youtube Tattoo Removal Videos

If you’d rather navigate our videos from YouTube directly, then you can go to our channel here.

We have all of our videos located there, and by subscribing to our channel you’ll be able to see all of our future laser tattoo removal videos.

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