Can You Remove Your Chest Tattoo? Proof Through Pictures & Science

Whatever the reason, you want your chest tattoo removed.

It could’ve been a mistake in your younger days.

The art could represent, or even have the name of, a past significant other.

Again, whatever the reason, you want it removed.

Now, you might be asking yourself: “Can I remove my chest tattoo?” This article will explain the process of chest tattoo removal.

Is it possible to remove your chest tattoo?

The short answer?

Yes, it’s possible.

But we can’t guarantee it (nor can any other tattoo removal clinic).

There are several factors that will come into play that influence the efficacy of removing a chest tattoo.

Aside from the characteristics of the tattoo, other factors may include:

Age and ink density

Generally, the older the tattoo the easier it is to remove because ink density has decreased over time. On the other hand, newer tattoos are more difficult to remove because there is high ink density and it was recently applied. A 12-year old tattoo will be much easier to remove compared to one that is just a month old.


Laser removal has evolved in such a way that any color can be removed. However, some colors are easier to remove than others. The easiest color to remove are the black and darker blue tattoos while the difficult ones are the light greens, yellow, and turquoise.


Laser technology works by breaking down the ink particles. The natural processes and circulation of the body then removes the ink. Chest tattoo removal is usually easier than the fingers or toes because there is higher blood flow.

And, with higher blood flow, there is faster healing.

Aside from the age, ink density, coloring, and location there are other factors that can make chest tattoo removal difficult.

Smoking. If you are into smoking, it may take longer for your body’s circulation to break down in particles and displace the ink and heal after each session. For this reason, you may require more removal sessions.

Layering. If a new tattoo covers an older tattoo, the ink density will be higher than an average tattoo. It will also require more sessions.

Artist training. Chest tattoos applied by a professional artist will require longer removal time due to its concentration, density, and evenness of the ink application compared to one done by an amateur.

Skin coloring. If you have light or medium-toned skin, there is a higher chance that tattoo removal will be successful. Lighter tones don’t significantly absorb laser light so the beam is concentrated on the tattoo pigment. Although tattoo removal for dark-skinned individuals is also possible, it will require more sessions because the technician will have to configure specific wavelengths on lower settings to reduce side effects.    

What’s the best laser to remove your chest tattoo?

There are two types of laser tattoo removal technology namely the picosure and the q-switched laser. For chest tattoo, the latter is the best option. Q-switched lasers specialize in treating pigmented lesions of the skin. Tattoo removal may cause skin discolorations and this type of laser technology is effective in treating those.

To best explain how q-switched lasers work, we will use the metaphor of melting ice.

In order to melt a huge chunk of ice cube, you need to break it into smaller chunks. Once broken down, it will be easier to melt the smaller piece of ice. Trying to melt one large ice cube would take much longer and will be highly inefficient.

You see, the ink of a tattoo is in a semi-solid form. Q-switched lasers heats up the ink to 900 degrees breaking it down to smaller solid formations. Once broken down into smaller chunks, the lymphatic and immune system can digest the smaller formations and flush them out of the body.

The principle of Q-switched lasers is derived from the idea of Anderson and Parrish’s theory about selective photothermolysis, the process of destruction using light and heat energy.

How many treatments does it take to remove a chest tattoo?

The number of treatments will depend on certain factors such as:

The ink. Tattoo inks are not regulated. Some are metal-based and some are made from plastic. Others are organic-based. Because not all inks are created equal, not all tattoos will require the same time-frame. Some will require fewer sessions while others more.

Your health. If you smoke 2 packs of cigarettes daily, often gets sick, and are 70 years old, it may require more treatment to remove your tattoo compared to one who is 22-years old and healthy.   

Chest Tattoo Removal Before & After

Chest tattoo removal is very much possible. It is safe and effective. Here are some before and after pictures that will prove just that.

This image below is after just 5 treatments. She still has many treatments left. But as you can see, the progress is clear and her tattoo is fading quickly.

This image below is also after 5 treatments. Again, this person needs many more treatments, but the tattoo is clearly starting to fade.

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